Swindon Wildcats fixtures for Sep - Dec 2017

Home games are marked in bold and face off is at 6.15pm apart from Wed 25 Oct which will be at 7.45pm.

* - Stats to follow
+ - Stats not available

Date Team Type Man of Match
Sat 2 Sep Bracknell Challenge
Sun 3 Sep Bracknell Challenge
Sat 9 Sep Peterborough Challenge
Sun 10 Sep Peterborough Challenge
Sat 16 Sep Milton Keynes League
Sun 17 Sep Invicta League
Sat 23 Sep Basingstoke NIHL Cup
Sun 24 Sep Telford NIHL Cup
Sat 30 Sep Invicta League
Sun 1 Oct Streatham League
Sat 7 Oct Cardiff League
Sun 8 Oct London League
Sat 14 Oct Telford Autumn Trophy
Sun 15 Oct Telford Autumn Trophy
Sat 21 Oct Peterborough League
Sun 22 Oct Hull Autumn Trophy
Wed 25 Oct Telford NIHL Cup
Sat 28 Oct Bracknell NIHL Cup
Sun 29 Oct Streatham League
Sat 4 Nov Hull Autumn Trophy
Sun 5 Nov Peterborough League
Sat 11 Nov Basingstoke NIHL Cup
Sat 18 Nov London League
Sun 19 Nov Cardiff League
Sat 25 Nov Telford NIHL Cup
Sun 26 Nov Bracknell NIHL Cup
Sat 2 Dec Invicta League
Sun 3 Dec Telford NIHL Cup
Sat 9 Dec Cardiff League
Sun 10 Dec Invicta League
Sat 23 Dec Peterborough League
Tue 26 Dec Basingstoke NIHL Cup
Wed 27 Dec Basingstoke NIHL Cup
Fri 29 Dec Peterborough League
Sat 30 Dec Bracknell NIHL Cup