Prediction League Table 2017-18

Last updated 20/11/17

Position Name Points Points
1 Jason Rawlins 76 16
2 Fi James 72 10
3 Leigh Stiles 70 8
3 Nick Bracey 70 8
5 Jamie Kay 66 6
5 Rob James 66 6
7 Rachael Finnigan 58 4
8 Loraine Weston 56 6
9 Kieron Gingell 52 6
10 Kerry Lane 48 4
10 Rebecca Bracey 48 4
12 Marco Trinci 46 8
12 Morgan James 46 6
14 Matt Lane 40 8

Rules and scoring

The Prediction League competition is where fans can compete against each other, scoring points depending on how well they can guess the 'Cats will do.


For each regular season Wildcats game (including Play-offs), entrants submit their prediction for the score together with who they think will be the Wildcats' Man of the Match and what minute the first goal of the game will be scored.

On the Monday after each game, the predictions are evaluated against what really happened, and points awarded depending on how accurate the predictions were.

The Prediction League will run for the entire length of the season.

Predictions should be submitted by email to and should follow the format:

Home Team Score - Away Team Score
MOM Shirt number, Name
Goal Time in Minutes

Predictions must be submitted by 3.00pm on the day of a game.

Predictions can be changed once made, but any amendments must be clearly marked, and be received before the deadline.

Predictions can be made as far in advance as you wish, but if the player chosen as your MOM does not ice, then a substitute MOM will not automatically be made.

In the event of a game being cancelled or abandoned, predictions will become null and void and no points will be awarded.

The Scoring

The maximum score for each game is 18 points. This breaks down as:

  • 2 Points for predicting the Wildcats score correctly
  • 2 Points for predicting the opposition's score correctly
  • 2 Points for correctly predicting the winning team (regardless of score)
  • 4 Points for correctly predicting the man of the match
  • 4 Points for correctly predicting the minute of the first goal scored
  • 4 Bonus points for getting the match score 100% correct

Tie Breaker

If there is a draw at the top of the table after the final match has been played, there will be a tiebreaker based on how many correct Man of the Match predictions there have been over the season.

Entry Fee and Prize

The entry fee is £5.00 and is a one off payment for the entire season.

If the prize fund is of a substantial amount, the prize will be split between 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.